Friday, 20 August 2010

Dorkbot and Cube Orchestra workshops for the Noisy Bike Parade

 for information on Dorkbot and Cube Orchestra see

and on the 11th September at The Bristol Cycle Festival

Bicycle Sound Parade

2-6pm Free
Join Dorkbot Bristol, Bristol Feral Choir, Nanoplex and Orchestra Cube in a
marvellous and cacophonic ensemble bicycle parade as part of the Bristol Bicycle Festival.
With a bowed bike wheel section, handle bar oscillators, noisy mechanical and
pedal powered wonders and with musicians and singers precariously balanced on top, this multi disciplinary collaboration will take to the streets of Bristol
on a musical mystery tour to amaze amuse and annoy passers by.
Look out for handle bar oscillator and DIY amplification workshops from the mad
electronic professors of Dorkbot, vocal bike workshops from the Feral Choir, a
bowed bike wheel workshop by the Orchestra Cube, and lots of noisy bike
workshops for all ages at the Cube Cinema in the weeks leading to this day.

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